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Intro - Why? (1)

Due to language barriers and complexity of Korean laws, compounded by structural issues with many domestic law firms, there is limited global information readily available. I have witnessed this in over a decade of my professional experience. There is a particular weakness in understanding Korean labor law since it is heavily influenced by culture and has different standards from those of other countries.

I am Hyunchai Isabelle Sohn, a partner a a premier law firm, InterLEX Consulting & Law("InterLEX"). As our name implies InterLEX strives to bridge the gap between our clients and the Korean legal system(LEX).

Our plan is to publish legal blog, emphasizing on Koran labor law for now. We will write the articles drawing on expertise of our legal team, including Jaehoon Lee, acknowledged as a leading lawyer in the area of Korean labor law in the years of 2019, 2020 and 2021 by the Legal Times.


Regardless of their size, scope, or location, all organizations have at least on thing in common - they are made up of people. It is these people who make decisions about the strategic direction of a firm, it is they who acquire the resources the firm uses to create new products and services, and it is they who market them.

Labor law is about these people. It is also about the organization itself, systematically approaching legal aspects of organizational behavior. Labor law also considers the management of the organization and the people who work in them, which constitute the field of labor law. The success of any organization is often determined by the legitimate and effective management of their employees.

However, in many instances, organizational problems are poorly diagnosed, preventing full achievement of these goals. Effective labor law experts are essential to address and analyze these issues and devise comprehensive solutions.

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